Saturday, August 5, 2017

A New Beginning!

Hello everyone! Hope you are doing great just like me.

It's been a while since I last blogged anything (a month? a year? duh I can't even remember when I last checked this lil old blog TT_TT). I deleted all of my old posts (despite the fact that some of them held lotsa memories for me........ I am coldhearted like that) because I felt like my blog is too suffocating with all those posts swirling around (whatever that means lol). So here goes to a new beginning! *cheers* *gulps down some chocholate milk*

So for those that just stumbled upon this blog, lemme do a bit of introduction! (whether you want it or not hehehe)

Hello there!

Where should I start? Well my name is Afifi, in case you haven't noticed the BOLD lettering on the header and I am a kampong (a country bumpkin?) girl that loves everything that is pink (minus the creepy stuff). I'm in my twenties, old enough to live independently but still young enough to screw it up at  almost every step of the way.

I am from a small not-even-a-suburb town in Sarawak, Borneo Island, Malaysia.
It's so small that we don't even have a small fire station here (for whatever reason it is I feel like no fire station = no life). And I live in an even smaller town  (and this town doesn't even have a proper phone connection, much less a fire station or even a post office)

I am totally content with living there though (okay I basically don't live there since I live in a slightly more rural area - this one doesn't even have a post office - but you get my point) , with all the scarcity and all. Big cities with their skyscrapers and never ending traffic jams suffocate me (just like how sometimes the countryside scares the city people) but don't worry, I have nothing against the city nor the people that live in the cities (it's just a matter of preferences okay?)

I speak three languages, Malay (so so), English (with lotsa flaws) and currently learning one other language. (Not gonna list it up until I'm confident enough with it lol)

Last but not least, what do I do?
Well I work as an 'assistant' that is more often a burden than a help (because I suck at work) in a goverment office. Nothing fancy, kuli kuli sahaja because I am after all just a lepasan SPM haha

I started blogging in 2012, SEVEN years ago but stopped blogging much when I officially started my current job because like I said, I could barely get a phone call, much less a stable internet connection there.. I feel like I wanna start blogging and writing again now because often I find myself having lots to say but no one to say them to. Now I can say it to the poor people that made a mistake and landed on this blog hehe

So, nice to meet you! See you (hopefully) soon in a new post!