Friday, July 1, 2016

today is gonna be a long day

yay, today is gonna be my last day in the office because I'll be off for BALIK KAMPUNG this evening!

*excited face*

my hometown is only two hours away though but getting home is always a challenge because I have got no transport (I refuse to drive myself much to my family's chagrin lol!) and there are ferries and all  (they're just excuses but still...) TT_TT

Anyway, with today marking my last day, there are a few items that need to be marked off my to do list in one day (when usually it takes about five days to finish o.O)

How am I gonna pull this off?
I even gotta do a bit of office cleaning and some clerking today..
*cries harder*

And one more big hurdle before going home:


Ramadhan never fails to make me feel extremely sleepy for some unknown reasons TT_TT

ugh, it's hard, just thinking about it.


Anyway, I wish you guys a safe trip back to your hometown whereever you are :)

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