Friday, June 24, 2016

lend me a shoulder to cry on

Oh, it's Ramadhan already, and I guess it's really been quite some time since I last annoyed you guys with updates on my boring life and of course my as boring thoughts.. so here we go for some unnecessary updates again to add some boredom to your life! *you're welcome!*

Yeah, as per written properly in the title corner, I am in the need for A SHOULDER TO CRY ON.

no, I didn't lose a close family member
and no, I didn't get diagnosed with a terminal illness
and no, I didn't get my heart broken by some jerk
and no, I didn't face any major difficulties in life.

I am blessed with yummy food, I am surrounded by family members from time to time, Ramadhan is treating me well and all is good in its own way.. so why do I need A SHOULDER TO CRY ON?

Because I am T. I. R. E. D.

I am tired of having to wake up at two every day so that I can have some water to use for showering.
I am tired of being an assistant, a clerk and a cleaner in an office where I am only paid to do one of the jobs.
I am tired of being busy in an office where I am forced to stay still and never get out of the cage I am in.
I am tired of being indebted to my neighbour all the time with no way to pay them back for all the food they have fed me with.
I am tired of getting teary eyed over all the littlest things that are fading away in my life because I can't no longer hold on to them because I am tired.

It's really tiring.

And I need to cry all this tiredness out before it starts swallowing me as a whole, making me feel like a life is no longer a life, but a chore. So lend me a shoulder to cry on, please?