Friday, June 3, 2016

chasing the impossible

"what are you up to now?" she asked.
"well you know.." a non answer with a lil smirk.
and she just coughed out little chuckles and walked away.
we may not share heart to heart talks,
and we may not share all our secrets,
but we both know what it's like to let go
of that one dream that we really want.
through laughters, we both try to bury the needles poking our little heart.
through jokes, we try to put our disappointments behind.
the 'you know' thing may not be fully acknowledged,
but if it makes me happy, then we both will just let me be.

"seriously, what on Earth are you doing?" he asked.
"well, I am trying to reach the impossible."
"well, just go on!" he laughed.
my laughters joined his to.
we may not share the same fate,
and secrets are mountain high between us,
and we are two very different individuals,
but when it comes to little things,
we know which ones matter and which ones to kick away.
though we both know it is called 'the impossible' for a reason,
no one is gonna acknowledge the impossible-ness of it.
because the things that matter will matter and
the things that don't matter won't matter.
if chasing after the impossible will make me happy,
for even just a few second,
then we both will just let me be.

why? because we poor people can only dream, and keep on chasing the impossible.
if we can't be fully happy, then being partially happy will have to do.
after all, maybe one day the impossible will stop running because we ended up tiring it off?
lets pray for that time, Inshaallah.

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