Sunday, June 26, 2016

rain rain, please stay

I am one of those people that love rain a lot.
I wish I could bottle up the warm feelings I got from it.
Because drop by the drop, it brings in the scent of peace.

The loud rain allows me to think, it allows me to face what I have been avoiding all the time : life.

It's like, sitting in my room, listening to the sound of the rain beating the roof, I find my thoughts more collected than ever. The voices that I have been ignoring will be slowly creeping in as the time goes by with the rain as the background.

It's only with the presence of rain I will be able to address my fears and my disappointments without feeling like I am a huge loser in life - because no matter how loud they are, in the end the rain will mute them out..

Friday, June 24, 2016

lend me a shoulder to cry on

Oh, it's Ramadhan already, and I guess it's really been quite some time since I last annoyed you guys with updates on my boring life and of course my as boring thoughts.. so here we go for some unnecessary updates again to add some boredom to your life! *you're welcome!*

Yeah, as per written properly in the title corner, I am in the need for A SHOULDER TO CRY ON.

no, I didn't lose a close family member
and no, I didn't get diagnosed with a terminal illness
and no, I didn't get my heart broken by some jerk
and no, I didn't face any major difficulties in life.

Tuesday, June 7, 2016

Sapa nak template blog free?

Haritu plan nak tukar baju belog baru sempena ramadan..
and yang atas tu hasil dia.
At first rasa comel je, tapi last last rasa menyampah pulak tengok.
Nak dijadikan freebie yang boleh didownload, rasa malas pulak,
so if antara korang ada yang nak, lemme know, nanti Fifi pi tukar header to kepada nama blog korang.

Okay tu je,
selamat menjalani ibadah puasa everyone,
moga semua amalan kita diterima Allah,


p/s: ni yang Fifi dah edit sikit as of June 29, 2016

Download dan Install sendiri k? Kalau tak reti, inshaallah, korang akan jumpa tuto yang sesuai kalau google "cara tukar template blog".
Jangan lupa download dulu template lama sebelum upload template ni, takut tak suka ke apa nanti, senang nak tukar balik...

and oh, dear Noor Najwa and yang lain yang nak jugak this template, tolong bagi:
i. nama blog.
ii. link blog

inshaallah kalau ada masa, Fifi buat, kalau takde masa, I'll let you know :)

UNTUK FLY TO TOP: *letak mana mana kecuali kat sidebar*

<a href="#" style="bottom: 5px; position: fixed; right: 5px;" title="Back to Top"><img src="" / /></a>

Last but not least, tolong excusekan segala kekurangan :)

Friday, June 3, 2016

chasing the impossible

"what are you up to now?" she asked.
"well you know.." a non answer with a lil smirk.
and she just coughed out little chuckles and walked away.
we may not share heart to heart talks,
and we may not share all our secrets,
but we both know what it's like to let go
of that one dream that we really want.
through laughters, we both try to bury the needles poking our little heart.
through jokes, we try to put our disappointments behind.
the 'you know' thing may not be fully acknowledged,
but if it makes me happy, then we both will just let me be.