Thursday, May 5, 2016

My Top Five Habits in School

Holla everyone, today I’ve got another topic for my Top 5 Thingies, School. *I’m kinda loving this 5 Things concept because it saves time and it’s fun plus it helps in making my blog look less deserted*

So here we go!

1. Copy and Paste, Manually. – This is a habit that I think I share with about 90% of students out there lol Anyway, I was a really lazy student during my school day.. so copying other’s homework is a must every week, especially for Maths (+ Add Maths), Chemistry, and Physics (My Top Hated Subjects lol). Usually, I know the answers are wrong (I can solve most of them myself, but laziness is sure a powerful thing :D) but it doesn’t matter, as long as my homework is finished hehe I’m sure most of my teachers know that I have been copying others’ homework in high school but they let it go because usually I tend to get better grades than the ones I copied from during exams. And oh, I had to do them manually because there's no such thing as laptops and PCs during my school days.

2. Skipping School. – Nah, I don’t do it to do drugs or smoke or hang out in CC’s, I am too lazy for all these things. I won the title “The One with the most Absences” during my last year of school, beating even the few troublemakers in my class. Yeah, I am awesome like that, with two days (or three) a month of absences, without fail. Wrinkled clothes? No school. Late? No school. No one to drive me to school? No school. A light headache? No school. Friday? No school. Homework not finished? No school. My best friend is gonna be absent? No school. Why? I just really don’t like school. How did the school and my family handle it? They let me be *lol, lucky me!*. I have a strong feeling that it’s solely because the school wasn’t that big and both my teachers and my mom doesn’t care bout my school attendence as long as I got good grades in school. *good grades are really helpful you know, because I knew I skipped being caned thanks to them lol* And oh, just in case you’re curious bout my CoCuriculum atendence, it’s less than 20 days of attendence for my whole 5 years of high School ;)

3. Lunch in Class – What to do when the school canteen is full of boys, right? Plus I can get to my many unfinished homework quickly without having to stroll from the school canteen to the class slowly like a duck.

4. Toilet Army – When we go to the toilet, we go in groups. It’s a thing I think I share with almost every girl, we can never go to the toilet without a company, you know? :D

5. Focusing on Pretending – I pretend to be focused in class for almost every subject. I look straight at the teacher and at the whiteboard and pretend to be really interested in everything. The truth is, I wasn’t interested much with almost everything, and I simply do it to avoid being the focus of the teachers teaching. I have been caught a few times though, usually during Maths, because during my super sleepy days, I opt to doodling or writing nonsense stuff on my books and papers to keep my eyes open. On Form 3, I was caught drawing flowers when I was supposed to be drawing some 360 degree thingy and during Form 5 I was caught drawing a huge cookie on my Math workbook and then drawing flowers on my English papers. Lucky for me, all teachers are pretty cool with that, and didn’t even mention them lol. *good grades, remember?*

While I was writing this entry, I noticed that I got out of most problems with my good grades. It’s a fortunate thing while being unfortunate too at the same time. Because life isn’t all rainbow you know? So during my high school time, actually I was strongly criticized for having some teacher favour me by some students, from my class and from other classes. Some of them even go as far as accusing me of getting good grades simply because some teachers like me a lot (what a joke, because I can name a few teachers that actually have a strong dislike of me and some who just don’t care about me) .At first I was super down because of that *another reason to skip schools*  because although I skip school and copy others’ work, I actually study a lot at home to make up for everything *I wasn’t born with knowledges installed in my head you know..* but eventually, I learned that it’s my life, so who cares bout what they think? If ‘exploiting’ the teachers’ love is what will enable me to be happy and comfortable, who are they to judge me?


  1. Hmm... and kakak believes what you had practiced those days can be happened to some of the student now:)

    1. haha for sure :D or mungkin diorang bizi wif smartphones kat blakang kelas :D

  2. I always ended up sleeping in the class lol

    1. good for you! I can't do that because I am a paranoid person and whenever I wakes up in a place other than my bedroom, I usually end up having a mini heart attack lol