Tuesday, May 3, 2016

My Favourite Five Shops

There are some shops that I cannot walk pass without entering them..and here are the top five!

1. Book Store.

I go gaga when I see books, since I really really really love books. However, books are expensive especially foreign imported ones. *sighs* Usually when I enter a book store, I'll automatically become extra choosy to prevent myself to buy anything, and it works pretty good sometimes..other times? I end up spending all my money on books, leaving me to diet later on lol

2. Stationery Store.

I love stationaries, almost as much as I love books. Usually since stationeries aren't as expensive as books, entering one, I will end up with a pencil or two to add to my collection of pencils :3

3. Bakery.

Bread and cakes and biscuits in one place? Heaven! Among my favourites are: Chicken Curry Bread and Tuna Pizza <3

4. Coffee Shop.

The smell of coffee never gets old <3

5. Shoes Store.

I have an obsession with shoes, and if I weren't so poor, I'd buy lots of them..but since I am poor after all, usually I'll visit them once in a few months to buy new shoes. It's a torture but it's the safest way for my purse :D

So what's your top five shops/stores?


  1. dari 5 kedai kemungkinan 3 dari kedai itu adalah kedai makan..for me la..haha

    1. haha ni mesti jenis yg suka makan ni :D
      as for me, sy choosy sikit so jrg pg kedai makan :D

  2. Stationery and shoes store tu my favourite juga...

  3. Tiga kedai yang atas sekali tu memang favourite jugakkk!
    Kedai kopi menarik tp sangaaat jarang singgah dan kedai kasut hanya masuk bila rasa nak pakai kasut je.. Hihi

    1. me too! suka tak semestinya hari hari pegi tho :D