Tuesday, May 17, 2016

My Cousin's Wedding

Holla peeps!

Been busy these few days, with my body aching everywhere and my head dizzy and my eyes really sleepy thanks to one big (to our small family) event, My Cousin's Wedding.

Here's the bride, my cousin, Lia!
Can't believe how fast time flies (for her) and how slow time flies (for me huhu)
She's 23 and I am 21 but it feels like I am still a kid while she's already an adult *feeling jelly*

I managed to slip into the dressing room with my sis, a few minutes before the akad nikah and got a pic with the bride to be - I look like a drug addict with those sleepy eyes thanks to not enough sleep huhu *what a disaster*

Here's the bride, san the sleepy me lol

I don't remember much bout the wedding other than being busy with plates, with food and with people. Almost everything was done ourselves and it's really tiring but it's quite fun, with my mom shooting orders like a captain and with my aunt (the cousin, Lia's mom) shooting her own orders. It was a chaos, like always but all in all it was quite a nice lil success (with flaws of course).

In the process of the akad nikah, and I think the bride looked so pretty in this pose when she's all neutral :D

On the simple pelamin :)

Lia and her husband, Maroy.

A few feet walk to the house..

At the dressing room before the persandingan *I didn't get to slip into the room this time because I have got lots of guests to entertain huhu*

Sadly, thanks to being busy with guests and preparations, I didn't get to take much pictures huhu Some pictures are grabbed from my other non busy cousins so please excuse the quality..

Took a selfie with Su, a friend of my lil brother, while waiting for the akad to start, much to my older sister's chagrin lol

Hmm seeing her getting married makes me feel like getting married tooooooooooooooooooooooo but oh lets not think about it for now lol fix yourself first, Fi!


  1. Alhamdulillah, sudah sampai jodohnya...cantik kaler dua2 hijau..tudung n baju..

  2. Wah tahniah buat cousin awk dear.. Moga kekal bahagia hingga syurga. amin! =) Cantik pengantin.