Monday, May 30, 2016

another day, another memory

The thing about life is it. goes. on.
Even though during certain parts of your life you really wanna push the pause button and let time be still for a moment, for you take a deep breath, for you to take a look at your surrounding, it won't stop stop on your behalf.
Who are you to do so after all?

So today's another memory that we will make to mark our another day breathing on Earth.
It can be a bland day,
or it can be an exciting day
or it can be a stressful day
or it can be a fun day
or it can be a depressing day,
it all depends on you and the choices you make.
Yeah, the situation might suck, but it's you who lets it sucks your happiness too..
Yeah, the situation might be depressing, but it's you who lets it hinders your mood..
Yeah, it might be bland, but it's you who decide what you and what happens in your life.

However, good or bad,
fun or not,
today is a day that we still have to be grateful nonetheless.
Why, you ask me?
Because like I said, today is another day we got to breathe on this Earth again,
and when you think about it, that breath might've stopped last night but it didn't, and your body might've been buried in Earth already today but it wasn't..
Why on Earth do you think that it?
Because Allah is giving us another chance.
And today is another chance to fix the blandness.
To fix the stressful situation.
And most importantly, today is another chance to be happy.
So lets be happy together!

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  1. Another chance to make it better, hargainya dan syukurinya, hehe!