Sunday, April 24, 2016

Hot Issue: The Hidden Little Hoarder in Me

my dream table set - Inshaallah one day I'll have one!

So I was sitting alone at my 'work' table (which is just another random table where I basically dump everything on) and then I realized that I have got lots of flaws and issues. Nothing HOT though, which I hope not to your disappointment. They are just issues, some are boring and some are outright ridiculous. They are my flaws but they're also pure me. :)

Anyway, since I basically have nothing much to post on this boring blog lately, I have decided to do this lil series of entries on some of my issues. (This might end up as the only post I'm gonna post about my issues though, because my laziness knows no bound too lately lol) The reason behind this ridiculous meaningless 'hard work' is 50% for fun and 50% for helping me keep track of how far I'll transform into a better person in the future (Inshaallah). So here we go with the first one! :)


What on Earth is that?

Hoarding is the persistent difficulty discarding or parting with possessions, regardless of their actual value. The behavior usually has deleterious effects—emotional, physical, social, financial, and even legal—for a hoarder and family members. - Anxiety and Depression Association of America

Hoarding is a bit like collecting but hoarding is one serious problem, and thank God, my hoarding obsession is not as bad as those that suffer from the Compulsive Hoarding.

Compulsive hoarding (more accurately described as "hoarding disorder") is a pattern of behavior that is characterized by the excessive acquisition of and inability or unwillingness to discard large quantities of objects that cover the living areas of the home and cause significant distress or impairment. - Wikipedia

The hoarder in me only hoard certain stuff so fortunately, I don't have to face the cluttered house issue. Like I said in the title, I'm just a little hoarder which sometimes can pass as a collector :)

So which items do I love so dearly that I can't bear to part with them?

Offline :


I don't have much books only a few hundreds (now), but one thing about my books are, even if they're super useless like primary school notebooks and super old like my dad childhood diary, it saddens me everytime I think about throwing or giving them away. But like I said earlier, since my hoarding obsession isn't that bad, I have parted with some of them at some point, with my mom being a huge contributor to that. My mom never asks me whether we should throw away my useless books or not, because she knows the answer would always be a "No" so nowadays she simply ask me, "Do you still use this?" and proceed with burning them all the moment I say "Not really" lol. It hurts my heart every single time I see her carting my books away though but since they do nothing but clutter the house anyway, I try not to mull over it too often. As for now, my book hoarding isn't that bad...except for about ten notebooks a month and random books (novels) here and there. But like I said, I don't really use them anyway.

Mineral Water Bottles and other Bottles.

This is my recent addition to my hoarded items which started just this January. With the water quality in my area, I had to buy them for drinking purpose sometimes.. and as a result, now I think I have about a hundred (big) bottles of them in the house. They're pretty useless because I don't even fill them with anything but the hoarder in me just couldn't let them go. As for other bottles, like Softener and Shampoo bottles, I keep thinking that they would be useful one always lol


I think many people share this lil obsession like me, right? The other day our family did a bit of tidying up the wardrobes in the house and mom found a few baskets of old and new (but never used) clothes of the women in the house (mom, my sister and I). We decided to give away the clothes that we don't use to the unfortunates. A huge chunk of the clothes were mine..but guess who's clothes were the littlest when it comes to the amount of donation done? Yup me. It's not that I don't wanna donate them, I just couldn't part with them because whenever I find a shirt or a blouse or a shawl that I don't use, I'll be thinking "Well, I love this one too much" or "I haven't used this much" or "This would look great worn with my recent purchase" or "This one is comfy" and the reasons go on and on. I know I won't wear them in the future but still..

Pens and Pencils.

Those two are useful..but for a hoarder slash collector like me, only about five of them will be used while the rest should be saved for that one day that would never arrive. It may sound crazy and stupid to normal people but that's just the way we think. We keep thinking that one day we will need them, so we gotta keep them for now. The 'now' will never end, because if we could, we would keep them forever and then buy more when it seems like we will need to touch the 'saved' ones. As for now I have a few hundreds of pens and pencils as well. Half of them are pretty while half of them are trashcan-worthy lol

Plastic Bags.

I think everyone does this, right? lol As for me, I have got two sets of plastic bags at home : used ones and new ones. However I usually use the latter, beating the point of my saving the used ones in the first place. Huh.

Washi Tapes.

They are pretty, enough said? But super expensive so I only get to collect over one hundred of them at the moment. huhu Do I use them? Rarely.


Boxes. Perfumes. Hair ties. Keys. Broken / Ripped Stuff : electronics, shoes, and bags.

Online / Media:

and of course I have Barbie movies too lol

Movies and Dramas.

If I can save them, no matter how awful and how much I hate them, I'll keep them.


Not selfies though - because I don't take selfie much lol But other pictures? A fair game (except for inappropriate ones of course!). Among the pictures that I have in my saving are of pretty views, cats, pastel stuff, kawaii illustration, language learning stuff, cute items, fashion stuff and charms. I have over 10,000 pictures (I don't keep track of the number but it could be almost 20,000 too I'm afraid) in my possession, to my horror! If it gets in my tab or my phone or my lappy or my pendrive then it bounds to never leave...and I'm afraid only a hundred of them that totally matter to me actually. And I think I've got a few duplicates too but I'm too much of a hoarder to care huhu


I used to have a few thousands songs and then my phone broke so now I have only a few hundreds of them, where I only listen to only 20 of them. Story of my life.


From Islamic videos to Kpop songs to Shawl tutorials, you name it. I think I've got almost (or was it over?!) 500 of them saved in my lappy.. Again, story of my life.


From romance books to study books to random PDF of my payslips and bills, I save them all, for the sake of  "It might be useful in the future".


Drawing, counters, writing, and others. I don't even use some of them yet they are there anyway.

Well with that amount of hoarding, how do I survive, right? Well contrary to your believe, I do throw away and delete a few items sometimes..only to make room for hundreds more items lol

That's all for now because I can't think anymore lol So how about you guys?

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