Monday, April 18, 2016

Five Things I Have Always Wanted As a Kid

I wasn’t a spoiled kid so I actually craved for lots of basic stuff during my childhood. Most of the time, it’s not because we couldn’t afford it, but I was just raised to not ask for much. What are the top ones? Here we go!

1.       A Barbie doll. – As a kid, I would stare at the brochures from Mattel for hours, simply daydreaming bout holding a real one in my own two hands one day. Sometimes when the rich kids in my class showed off their Barbie dolls, I’d sulk all night at home. Never got to hold one called mine till today though because my sister would kill me if I got one for myself at this age TT.TT

2.       Jeans. – Call me a kampong girl or anything, but it’s a true story that I am an alien to Jeans until the age of 18. I myself don’t know why I never owned a pair of Jeans during my childhood or teenage years, because my family is not such an uptight family or anything. Such a mystery of the world I guess.. lol Anyway, Jeans was one of the top ones in my craving list simply because my friends all wear them… As for now, I have only a few jeans because though as a kid I wanted them so badly, as an adult I found out that Jeans can be quite uncomfortable lol

3.       Story Books. – I was a booknerd and kinda still am, so I love books a lot. But no matter when or how I request it, my parents, my aunts and everyone else never wanted to buy me books. Why on Earth right? Who knows, this world is such a weird place after all. Anyway, I got my first book when I was 19 with my own money, after all people are so not supportive of my love of books TT.TT As for now, I have a small rack of books lined perfectly in my bedroom that I actually don't read. Oh, the irony..

4.       Prestigious Schools – I wasn’t the perfect student, I was pretty lazy when it comes to school but I did dream of wntering prestigious schools all the time. Worked so hard to make it come true using my grades. Guess what? Got accepted but couldn’t enroll in. Life and people are cruel like that. What I’ve learned so far is, it’s not the grade or the achievements that matter, it’s the person achieving them that’s gonna be the focus. Lesson learned, life.

5.       Sport Shoes – How did I survive without them? School shoes and slippers! I didn’t like sports but thanks to never having any pair of sport shoes as a kid, I grew to hate it.

Don’t worry bout them making sense, because unless you have walked in my shoes, you would never be able to really understand the situation and I'm not in the mood to tell what shouldn't be told ;)


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    1. tu la sy heran kenapa byk yg minat jeans :D

  2. Same here! Mine is always a book. Since i were a kid i alwaysss want a room filled with books.. visit my new entry ! Teacher, malaslah nak buat essay !