Wednesday, March 2, 2016

Wow, Baju Kurung by Tunku Tun Aminah x Jovian!

Hola peeps!

Guess what? Today I was looking for some graceful Muslimah office attire (because my usual attire is simply baju and then kurung = baju kurung *I'm a super kampong-ish girl like that huhu*) and stumbled upon these beauties on Zalora!

Wow, that's all I can say to praise such pretty outfits, an amazing collaboration of Tunku Tun Aminah and Jovian! (for those that don't know who is she, I have googled it for you! *you're welcome and yes, I didn't know who she was too earlier because like I said, I'm too kampong-ish for my own good* And guess what? My summary of who she is is: She's a Real Life Princess of Johor! *so jelly of her huhu, oh a prince go and marry me so that I can be a 'fake' princess tooooooooooo)

Here's what I found, with pics stolen from credit to Zalora:

Afzan Kurung - My Favourite of them All because you know, it's pink lol But lets not ask about the price unless you think RM805 is nothing.....Well whatever, I'm just feeling bitter because I couldn't afford it, not in this lifetime unless *hint hint* a prince decided to go marry the useless me lol
Anyway, prince or not, you can preorder this for me HERE lol

I don't know what's about this Kamariah Kurung but it makes me feel like it has the power of making the wearer akak the model looks purely innocent somehow :D If I ever got my hand on some extra RM 953.00, I'd definitely grab it right away. Hmm if you have the money you're willing to throw away for me, well get it for me please? :D
Sofiah Kurung - I love the simplicity, it will make your beauty shine and all, ath the price of RM 1,059.00
of course. But don't fret, together we will start saving some money to buy such luxury shall we?

Khaleeda Kurung - Oh dear pretty kurung, please wait for me too, Inshaallah one day I'll come to get you, even when you seems so far away with RM 1,165 between us. Yup, anyone please grab this one here for me too, okay?

Hmm this KHALSOM Kurung at the reasonable price of RM529 would be perfect for my akad day with my imaginary prince, don't you think so? *It'd be perfect as a wedding gift for me.... so what are you waiting for, go buy it!

At the end of my perusal, I realized a few things though:
1. Those Kurungs are crazily pretty!
2. I won't be able to afford them ever.
3. I shouldn't have bothered with them in the first place..
4. I was supposed to find some rm20-rm30 office attires!
5. And now, I have got no time to find those attires and left bitter over stuff I can't afford.

Ah, story of my life!


  1. Oh my goodness.. such a simple attire with modest embellishment but still can make a heart flutter..

    1. Ikr? At first I was attracted to one of them thanks to the never-to-be-afforded price but in the end, I stayed perusing the collection because they're so pretty while being pretty modest at the same time <3