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Six Flying Dragons Episode 50 Summary (Final Episode)

It's over, my 50 episodes journey is over, sobs!

Once upon a time, everyone was so happy.................................................................................*sobs*

  • Moo Hyul stayed behind fighting Gil Sun Mi to buy time for Bang Won and Boon Yi to escape
  • At the same time, Bang Ji was fighting with Chuk Sa Gwang trying to buy time for his mother to escape
  • While the Moo Myung people were closing in on Bang Won and Boon Yi, Ha Ryun came to the rescue bringing soldiers with him (Bang Won scolded him for running away in the first place, much to his embarrassment lol)
  • Gil Sun Min then made a final charge towards Moo Hyul saying that it's a shame that one of Master Hong's student gonna have to die today just as Moo Hyul was making an attack as well
  • It was then revealed that Gil Sun Mi got slashed in the throat while Moo Hyul managed to escape unscathed thanks to some tree bark or something his grandmother gave him in a previous episode
  • Moo Hyul went off to find Chuk Sa Gwang after that and found her fighting with Bang Ji
  • Just when Chuk Sa Gwang was getting the upper hand, he went to stop her attack on Bang Ji
  • He then asked why she killed Young Gyu (seems like he was trying to avenge him) and she then explained to them both that she's avenging her King and planning to kill all the guilty people who made him suffer: Moo Myung and Bang Won
  • Moo Hyul then worked together with bang Ji to fight her and they ended up killing her
  • Sa Gwang thanked Moo Hyul for killing her and this reminded him of a point where she thanked him for saving her (aww, he's confused of what he has became)
  • Moo Hyul then asked Bang Ji whether he should fight him now and Bang Ji begged him to become stronger first and then simply come to kill him then
  • With her bodyguard, Gil Sun Mi, dead, Yeonhyang asked Bang Ji to come with her to Nanjing to escape since he couldn't possibly live there now that Bang Won is reigning the kingdom.
  • Boon Yi came and begged him to do so too and he seemed to agree. Boon Yi had decided to move to a faraway island, much to his comfort.
  • That night, Ha Ryun was visited by Monk Jukryong who asked for his help in becoming the leader of the peddler union in Joseon era under a new name. He then said that he would no longer be a part of Moo Myung now that it's all over.
  • Though at first Ha Ryun hesitated at his suggestion, he had to agree later on after Jukryong revealed that he knew Ha Ryun was once a part of Moo Myung too
  • Turns out he was still working under Yeonhyang's order
  • The next day, Moo Hyul met Bang Won for the last time and he gave back the sword he got from Bang Won a long time ago, a symbolic to an end of his service to protect Bang Won (my heart is breaking so bad for this lonely tyrant!!!! *sobs*)
  • Bang Won then said that he would remember Moo Hyul words from before, about how he chose to protect Bang Won because he wanted to see people smile, and will keep in mind how now there's no one smiling. (he really did keep his words in mind because later on he was known as a king who actually listened to the people, unlike many other kings after him)
  • Moo Hyul also gave him a gift (a sash) and a letter from Boon Yi.
  • While Moo Hyul bowed to him for the last time, he silently read the letter she gave him.
  • Boon Yi said that she wished that he will remember his promise about making people happy and about treating people the right way whenever he sees the sash she's now returning to him (he once gave it to her) and that by doing that she believed that he won't be swallowed by the vermin in his heart.
  • Two years later, Bang Gan was currently in torture chamber with Bang Won in front of him, for trying to kill Bang Won in a coup.
  • He begged Bang Won to spare him and Bang Won did
  • Bang Gwa then decided to abdicate the throne to give way to Bang Won since he's now tired of all the politic and everything
  • So Bang Won finally became king! *yeay, it's bittersweet because he's all alone, but it's a yeay nonetheless*
  • He then ordered his Queen's brothers to be killed under the reasoning that they planned on killing his sons, hence the Queen's sons too.
  • The Queen then spat out that she knew he didn't kill them because of that, because she knew what kind of a person he was : he was never willing to share his power with anyone
  • Bang Won simply brushed her off saying that, if she knew what kind of a person he really is, she then should be extremely careful with him from now on. *omg, he's getting creepier as he gets older..but still love him nonetheless because the thing is, that's how he is from the start*
  • We were then introduced to Lee Do, the future third King, the Sejong the Great  (greatest king in the history of Korea).
  • Bang Won wasn't happy with Lee Do interest in studying and demanded that he stop because it would be dangerous for him to outshine the current Crown Prince
  • However, he was even more shocked when he heard of Jung Do Jeon's previous ideas of politic out of Lee Do's mouths and how he wanted to do something as long as he's living (just like what Boon Yi used to say)
  • Bang Won then paid a visit to Moo Hyul. He was disappointed that even when people are smiling now, Moo Hyul is still refusing to work for him. He then introduced him to Lee Do, which he remarked as nothing like him and more like the people he's missing (JDJ and Boon Yi) and Moo Hyul agreed right away to service the future Crown Prince.
  • Moo Hyul then asked whether Bang won wanted to see Boon Yi since he knew where she is now.
  • Boon Yi is currently living peacefully in an island with her people but her peace was disrupted with the appearance of Moo Hyul and Bang Won.
  • When asked if she wanted to meet Bang Won, she declined because it would hurt too much. *why oh why, you're just torturing yourself and him either way! At this moment I wished Bang Won was as ambition less as King Gongyang so that they could live as simple peasants somewhere instead of being separated like that..*
  • However, Boon Yi was stopped from leaving when she met with Lee Do who resembled Bang Won a lot as a kid. She then requested a hug because he reminded of her fond memories with Bang Won as kids.
  • Fast forward many years later, Boon Yi is now an old woman, still wearing the same hairpin Bang Won once gave to her. She's visiting the capital.
  • She then discovered that the ruling king, King Sejong the Great has introduced a new set of 28 Korean letters, that are so easy to learn compared to the thousands of old ones. (at this point of history, Bang Won is now dead already)
  • She then visited JDJ's grave and told him that Bang Won's kid had done it, he had found an instrument to communicate better with the people like JDJ once wanted to do but never could.
  • The scene then flashed back to that time when Bang Won gave her a visit. They took a walk and shared how they both were busy and happy but lonely. He told her that he missed her. He was happy that she was still wearing the hair pin he gave her a long time ago.
  • Later on Moo Hyul asked why he let them go at that time when he could have stopped them. Bang Won then revealed that he would never be able to win their hearts, so it's better to be alone facing reality.
  • Bang Won then ordered his soldier to finish off the Japanese pirates in the area.
  • Moo Hyul asked whether he is doing it for the sake of Boon Yi and Bang Wong simply walked away asking him did he really think he still have any romance left now? He so did! *poor guy, lemme give you a hug, just don't kill me next lol*
  • The End.
*I need to breathe*

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