Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Six Flying Dragons Episode 49 Summary

  • -          Lee Bang Won decides that he’s getting rid of Moo Myung next because he doesn’t wanna share his power with them. He then tasks Har Yun to find a method to do so.
  • -          Meanwhile, Chuk Sa Gwang plans to get rid of both Moo Myung and Bang Won because they are the reason why her King (and the rest of his family) died
  • -          Boon Yi tries to save her people of Banchon from being tortured (for supporting Sambong) by Bang Won but failed. She tried to approach Moo Hyul too but he dismissed her saying there’s nothing they could do because they’re powerless
  • -          Moo Hyul’s grandma gets harrased because they believe she’s the source of their pain and tortures since the weapons were stored at her storage
  • -          Feeling guilty for all the tears and deaths, Moo Hyul then decided that he’s quitting and returning to his hometown
  • -          At first Lee Bang Won thought he was kidding but when he saw what happened to his grandma, he then allows him to leave, saying that he better leave now before he changes his mind. *OMG, that was like his biggest fear ever, Moo Hyul leaving him! Sobs.*
  • -          Meanwhile, Bang Ji is working with Moo Myung to get rid of Bang Won. They invite Bang Won to a banquet in two days and plan to kill him there.
  • -          Next, Boon Yi approaches Bang Won and requests that  he releases her people. She promises that she’ll leave the place with her people and be out of his sight if he can do that.
  • -          This makes Bang Won explodes, making him beg her not to leave, to stay by his side because he has no one now. He even suggested that she marries him and be his concubine.
  • -          Boon Yi agrees to his shock, because she once promised to never ever marry him. Boon Yi then reveals that for her people she’s willing to do that since Bang Won holds all the power now. Bang Won feels hugely disappointed because she’s marrying him for her people without a gist of love for him.
  • -          Bang Won then asks her to wait for a few minutes and then takes a stroll in the neighborhood. In tears, he thinks back of what he had done to reach that point and how when he was young he promised himself not to be that kind of person.
  • -          He then tells Boon Yi to just go and he will release her people too and then leaves her there.
  • -          That night both Boon Yi and Moo Hyul comes to say goodbye but Bang Won refuses to see them, too their sadness.
  • -          On the day of that they plan to leave the place, Boon Yi found out that Chuk Sa Gwang is trying to kill Bang Won so she decided to warn him about it
  • -          Using a riddle linked to their past, she managed to do so only to have them attacked later.
  • -          However, before the Moo Myung could kill Bang Won, Chuk Sa Gwang shows up and attacks them. (which could mean, she’s planning to kill them all with her hands)
  • -          When Bang Ji shows up, he decided to deflect  the attack by Chuk Sa Gwang first (maybe it’s because she seems to be heading towards his mom or something)
  • -          Bang Won and Boon Yi takes this opportunity to run away (oh how I wish Bang Won was a lil bit skillful with swords instead of with arrows now..)
  • -          But they got caught by Gil Seon MI and when he is about to attack him, Moo Hyul shows up and apologizes for being late
  • -          Moo Hyul then gets his Sixth Dragon Title as the top swordsman of Joseon (and later King Sejong’s *Bang Won’s son* loyal bodyguard. End of episode 49.


  1. dah habiss..6 bulan tengok citer ni..

    1. Ikr.......started watching it thanks to your comment rasa nak nagis pulak bcoz I am gonna miss all the characters and casts huhu (except for the kayu boon yi kot haha) harap harap la Daebak can be half as good nanti :D