Saturday, February 27, 2016

Pony Brown by Mane

Lets talk about my latest obsession, the little girl from the talented Pony Brown illustrator, Mane.
(If you guys notice, my blog skin is inspired by the same illustrations as of Feb 2016 and the above illustration is my redrawn version of one of the illustrations that I made as a planner cover for this year ;))

Cute, right?

The girl has got no name so I usually refer to it as 'the Pony Brown girl' :)

To be honest at first glance I thought the girl looks kinda common but eventually I fell hard for her because she kept being positively happy and cute and that made me happy too! Her happy vibe is definitely hard to ignore. ♥♥♥

Iphone cases...

They have got a range of products available with her as the design and also the Buho bear too!
Too bad I don't have the IPhone or I'd have gotten myself one of those too..

Their latest products, the latest sticky notes.

We are in the cloud!

Ice cream time!


Lets travel round the world!

Cooking time!

Relax and enjoy! (Buho Bear)

Stay relaxed!
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Point stickers <3
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  1. Only knew about 'Pony Brown girl' after visit your blog. And yes, cery cute! ^^

  2. wahhh comelnyer...
    barang2 korea ni mmg slalu comey2 la...huhu

  3. comelnya. memang barang dia ada jual kt korea je ke?

    1. tak jugak, ada sesetengah tu available kat Malaysia (macam stickers dan sticky notes dan diaries) :)