Monday, January 18, 2016

English Subtitle : The Throne / Sado (2015)

King Yeongjo (Song Kang-Ho) aspires to become a perfect king due to his tarnished background. His mother is from a lower class and a rumor exists that he killed his older brother to become the king. King Yeongjo then has a son at a late age. He appoints the little prince as the Crown Prince (Yoo Ah-In). King Yeongjo has high expectations for the Crown Prince, but the Crown Prince cares more for martial arts and paintings rather than focusing on his studies. Meanwhile, the Crown Prince longs for a benevolent father rather than a strict King. The relationship between the King and Crown Prince becomes shattered.

Since i couldn't find any copy of the english subtitle online, I decided to make one from a subtitle by a newbie and as a non indonesian speaker, that was tough lol To make matter worse I have zero knowledge on the Korean language and it's complicated history huhu but I did it anyway :D

Click the Link below for the English Subtitle.