Thursday, June 12, 2014

Poem Time: You and I

Just another poem I wrote~

You and I.
You were pretty, I was 'so-so'
You were rich, I was poor
You were popular, I was a wallflower.
You were lucky, I was not.
I was smart, you were just average
I was diligent, you were lazy
I was ambitious, you were 'whatever'
I was unlucky, you were not.
Take a look around
and see where we stand
You at the top of the world
and Me sprawled at the ground
Because you were you and I was I
You were meant to live that kind of life while I was forced to live this kind of life


  1. I'm not forced to live my life this way.. I live the life that I want. U should too! ^.^y

  2. rezeki masing2.. yg penting kita berusaha untuk jadi yg terbaik...jg push diri utk jadi orang lain..sebaliknya jadilah diri kita sendiri..