Saturday, May 17, 2014

Liebster Award Nomination

Time kasih kepada sume yang telah menge-Tag diri ini :)

To be honest I didn't even notice it when I was nominated, because I don't think that she even mentioned about it to me anywhere. But whatever...

Rules when being nominated :
-Mention the person who nominated you with a link to their blog. 
-Answer the 11 questions asked. 
-Nominate 11 other bloggers with a smaller following but with lots of potential. 
-Create 11 of your own questions for them to answer. 
-Notify your nominate.

*ade mase Fifi ikut rules, time ni..Fifi nak tangguh dulu boleh? ;)*

Miss Boo's 11 questions:

1. Describe about yourself.
I am a very shy and awkward girl but mostly, I am a quite crazy cat lover. 
2. What kind of things that annoy you a lot.
When my pattern is ruined. I mean, if I am supposed to wake up at 7am, don't ever dare to wake me up before that, even at 6.59am. I. Abhor. It. When I say I'll eat it later, I'll eat it later, don't pressure me to eat it now. Not. Cool.
3. If you had one wish, what would you wish for?
I wish to be Allah's favorite person ever.
4. What is your favourite food?
Gummy bear.
5. Got any phobia?
Sidonglobophobia or Bambakophobia - Give me cotton ball, force me to touch it and you'll find me crying while thrashing! Seriously, I can't even think about cotton balls without freaking out.
6. What will you do if you feel lonely?
Cry myself to sleep with sad music on.
7. List 5 things that you love.
Allah SWT
Muhammad PBUH
My family
My Cats
My Life
8. What do you think about me?
I think you're pretty cute.
9. Your favourite colour. Why?
Brown. It looks gorgeous and natural on everything.
10. Describe about your best friend.
My best friend is Leeming, a chinese girl I met a couple of years ago.
We are pretty much at the same level of awkward at school but she was a bit braver than me.
She was like my umbrella because she offered herl whenever I'm scared to do anything in life.
11. Thing you worth?
My Cat, Konydew. Love him to death.

Questions by Miss Tashira 

1 . List your favourite korean drama .

The Princess' Man (OMG, Park Si Hoo!!!)

2 . What is your favourite chocolate?

I don't know, as long as it's edible, it's my favorite..

3 . Who is your favourite korean actor/singer?

Park Si Hoo!

4 . How do you spend your time during weekends?

I usually Sleep till noon (wakes up everytime Azan is on), do some cleaning, surf the internet and shopping.

5 . What is your best moments in school?

i. When I met my (mostly then) best friends, Salina, Hawa, Yati, Empenai, Lee Ming and Rebecca. Things went wrong though :(
ii. When I entered three quizzes and won the first place for all of them, I was pretty popular at school for that :D
iii. When I got 8A's in PMR despite the fact that I was 100% confident that I had failed my History paper :)

6 . Your favourite blog for this year?

My own blog. Okay, just kidding, my answer would be: I don't know. There are too many amazing blogs out there :D

7 . Do you prefer chicken or beef?

Chicken all the way! But I prefer beef when it comes to burger for an unknown reason.

8 . What face product do you always use?

Tap Water. Okay, that would be 'air paip' for you. I seriously have never used even a product in my whole nineteen years of living in this beautiful world despite the fact that my face might need a bit of 'help'. I am just grateful for what Allah has granted me. :)

9 . At what time do you sleep at night?

It depends on my mood. Usually I sleep at eleven pm because I need to wake up at 5.30 am for work while needing a six hour sleep at the same time. I go cranky when I sleep less than that time. ;)

10 . Do you have a diary book?

Yeah, started it in 2012. I can count with my fingers how many time I have written an entry on it, I update it like once in a few months only because well..I tend to forget to write on it..

11 . What do you think about my blog?

I think your blog is pretty fun and I love the randomness of your entries.

11 Soalan Daripada Zue

1.apakah nama glamour anda?

Fifi ade Name je, Glamor tu takde so takde Nama Glamour.

2.berapakah umur anda masa jawab soalan ni?

19 tahun entah berapa bulan..

3.rancangan tv yang paling diminati?

Hmm..House M.D.

4.tempat best yang korang pernah pergi dan kenapa suka pegi sana?

Bilik Fifi, sebab bantal and tilam lembut gile, best sangat-sangat untuk tido.

5.apakah hadiah yang pernah anda beri kpd ibu ayah sempena birthday/father's mother's day?

Keluarga kitorang sambut birthday atau pape je secara 'awak sambut, awak belanja' so diharap tu dapat menjawab soalan yang tebuku kat minda awak.

6.ceritakan sikit tentang personaliti anda.

Pemalu tapi gila-gila. Oh satu lagi, pemalas.

7.apakah handphone pilihan hati anda?nokia?samsung?iPhone?motorolla?htc?lenovo?

Nokia. Hebat menyelam mengalahkan Pandalela selain hebat dalam lompat jauh, dan meluncur ais jugak.

8.apakah hari yang paling anda suka?kenapa?

Time Fifi sekeluarga pergi berkelah gitu kat sebuah kawasan rehat. That's the first and the last time we ever went out as a whole family.

9.describe rumah idaman anda.

Elegan, kemas, dan selamat.

10.berapa kalikah dalam setahun anda khatam baca al-quran?

Fifi tak terer sangat membaca Quran ni, kalau bernasib baik tu, sekali setahun, a few pages at a time je. :)

11.apakah cita-cita anda untuk 10 tahun ke hadapan?

Fifi nak keluarga sendiri. Hope kitorang happy and hidup sentiasa dirahmati Allah, tu je.

Soalan dari Cik Alynn

1. Berapa lama anda sudah berblogging?

3 Tahun (Well kalau ikut baby, dah boleh berjalan dah ni walaupun bercakap still pelat..)

2. Apakah pencapaian anda yang terbaik dalam dunia blog?

Entahla, ade pencapaian ke blog Fifi ni? Macam takde je..hmm..

3. Pada pendapat anda, apakah kebaikan dan keburukan blog?

Baiknya boleh berkongsi ilmu menambah pahala yang buruknya, boleh gak berkongsi gosip menambah dose.

4. Siapakah sifu anda dalam dunia blog?

Hmm..Fifi blog ikut suka je..Kalu ade sifu, so kene ade undang-undang menulis..kalu ade undang-undang, Fifi tak, no sifu for me :D

5. Bagaimana anda boleh terlibat dalam dunia blog?

Fara daripada Twitter dok update status cakap blog die dah makin comel, so I was like, I nak jugak!

6. Apakah hobi anda selain berbloging?

Membaca aka reading.

7. Haiwan apa yang anda suka dan obsess!

Kucing : My cat, KonyDew

8. Anda berasal dari mana?

A rural area in Sarawak. Best!

9. Destinasi percutian anda yang paling havoc?

Hmm..Tak pernah pergi bercuti kat tempat HAVOC, tempat so-so macam KL tu ade la Fifi jejak..
Traffic jam tu huh, better jugak kampung sendiri haha

10.Apakah impian dan cita-cita anda di tahun 2015?

Oh, tahun depan je ke? Fifi nak start KERJA! Nak study tak boleh, so keje je la..

11.Apakah pandangan anda terhadap bloger Alynn Azman?

Comelllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllll :D


  1. wah banyak nya kena tag. hihi. thanks for answering. best sik drama the princess' man ya kak? haha maok juak ngga . hihi anyway thanks :)

    1. ofc lah best! historical lah xtauk ktk pun taste or not :D