Monday, May 12, 2014

Hot Hot Hot!

Peace be upon everyone.

Maybe it's because I'm in a VERY bad mood 
or maybe it's because the weather is TOO hot
or maybe I'm just feeling OVER-THE-TOP tired that I just couldn't muster the energy to even try to type in my broken Malay here.
So here we are with me trying my best not to break all the grammar that exists in the world in one single post.

Read at your own caution because what I'm gonna rant about next might bore you to death or simply make you cry with disappointments.

I think today's the most tiring day I've ever felt so far in this week..yeah, I know it just started like freaking today..but still it's very tiring okay?

At first I felt HOT because of the hot weather. I mean, I almost drenched my shirt doing my work today, sitting under the spinning fan! It's that hot, and it's not a good thing for me because I'm kinda allergic to hot weather, it makes me sweat too much :C

But the second thing that made me feel HOT is her. Not gonna badmouth bout her here because seriously that would make me look like a sulking kid who couldn't keep her mouth shut here.. But if you're reading this, and you know that you're the one mentioned here, please, I beg you, PLEASE STOP ALL YOUR OVER THE TOP ISSUES! I am too tired to deal with all your stuff. Go bug someone else.

And the last thing that made me go HOT as in freaking pissed off would be myself. I'm just too good at disappointing myself and breaking my own heart! SHE came from my own stupid mistake and that disappoints me, I knew better :/ But that didn't break my heart though. The other matter did; Had a talk with my mom bout me going to the university this July, with the intention of persuading her to allow me to further my study, but when she went all soft at the other end of the line telling me "Working is better right, Fi?", my resolves freaking left me. All I could say was, 'Whatever you want, mom. I'm okay with your decision' I am not the perfect daughter but sometimes, I am very perfect at pleasing my mom. I don't know whether that's a good thing or a bad one.

I feel like crying now, because the three HOT things compiled together makes me feel like bursting into a never ending tears.

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