Monday, May 5, 2014

Abang Ensem Di Mata Aku

Abang Ensem

Abang Ensem ni pemilik blog Jom la visit blog beliau!

First of all Fifi nak jelaskan yang Fifi harap Abang Ensem aka En. Meor Zaidee boleh terima pendapat Fifi yang ditaip mostly dalam English ni sebab bagi Fifi lebih senang and lebih straight to the point penjelasan dengan cara camptu (plus my Malay is kinda..bercampur aduk sikit). English Fifi pon tak seberapa tapi sometimes it's better than my Malay la. So harap boleh diexxcusekan k? :)

Fifi just 'met' Abang Ensem today (by visiting his blog through whoever's blog it was) so it's all about first impression.

My first thought when I entered the blog would be : Wow, a guy in pink!

Seriously, it's hard not to notice how the blog and the blog owner was drowned in Pink!
And for your information, Pink is like my favoritest color ever.
(Okay, I admit that the color is more like a purple-pink but hey, even a hint of Pink is acceptable for me :))

Now, back to the purpose of this entry: What is my opinion of Abang Ensem?
I think he looks cool. Cool, as in approachable, nice and a bit blessed in the look department.
He looks pretty nice when he smiles but somehow I prefer his 'composed' look when he's in front of a crowd etc.
He looks like a very powerful persona when he's composed!
However, he really does look like someone who's very friendly, so the other 'type' of smile is quite nice too.
But that's merely an opinion of mine.

Next, we gotta move past the physical part.
Lets move onto the intellectual part which is pretty much linked with the achievements part.

WOW, I think he was a very SMART person when it comes to his career.
Like, very smart.

His blog has received awards for his achievements such as:
Favorite Business Blog 2013
Best Business Blog 2014

And he has been on Astro Awani too!!!

Other than that, he has created a name in the property investing industry where he buy and rent houses and apartments in Shah Alam (and I guess other places too)

It's pretty impressive because he started as a banker who retired earlier than he was supposed to because he wanted to pursue  a career as a property investor. It's impressive because, it was really risky, but he took the risk and succeeded!
I mean like, it takes planning and all but mostly a BRAIN to do that.
So yeah, he's obviously VERY SMART, gotta give him that.

If I were in the place to be like him, I'd have pursued the same career because him and his books look very promising.
But I wasn't and I'll never be (well unless a Prince from Saudi Arabia who's very rich magically takes interest in me..).

So I guess his blog is pretty amazing as a platform to learn more about investing in properties while being a nice media to encourage people to enter that industry.

Lastly, Congrats Mr Meor on all your achievements!