Tuesday, January 7, 2014

I Was Jealous...Pathetic

I went online yesterday,
like usual.
But I also went to visit Facebook yesterday,
which was unusual,
well at least for me.
Because Facebook sucks.
Okay, it doesn't suck,
it's people who hang out there suck.
I scrolled and scrolled.
And scrolled and scrolled.

And saw a wedding picture,
of a couple,
in a pair of purple dress.
Looking good,
looking great,
and looking Happy.

I looked at it,
again and again.
And I felt sad.
I didn't know why,
so I thought and thought about it.
And finally got my answer.
My sad answer.

Remember my other post, 'I Met My Ex The Other Day..'?
He was the guy in the picture.
I was glad that he was happy,
but I couldn't help but feel sad,
because that guy used to be MINE.

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