Wednesday, October 23, 2013

I Met My Ex The Other Day..

I'll be quick, I'll be fast.
It'll be short, it'll be simple.

I met my Ex on Monday
and everything we ever had flashed by
we were at the parking lot
we in our car
and him in his car
our silver car
next to hist blue car
I said, "Wow, what a blue car"
not realizing who the driver was
he drove away
I dismissed him
and I still didn't know that he was Him

we drove a bit
and found another parking lot
but guess what?
he was right behind us
and he parked right beside us
my sister said, "Whoa, he's stalking us!"
I laughed

we waited a bit in our car
and he waited a bit in his car
we got out first
and he got out later
we walked to a shop
and he walked behind us
me still not knowing who he was

we got back to our car
he got back to his car
I looked at him
and he looked at me
I looked away and looked at my sister
nope, still have no clue that he was my Ex
then my sister said to my mom "Hey, remember him? He looked familiar"
so I looked at him, again
and he smiled

that's when it hit me!
his smile was so like Him
so I gave him a shaky grin
and he drove away once again.

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