Sunday, August 4, 2013

Eid is Approaching, Your Preparations?

Eid is approaching! (well it needs to be repeated because it's just that important lol)

Anyway, what's your preparation for Eid this year? Okay, just keep the answer to yourself if you don't feel like sharing it.

Anyway, I'll share mine, although nobody freaking cares about it because I care!

My preparations for this year is: NOTHING!

Sounds ridiculous right? But it's true.

It's the same drill for me everyday.

I dress just for the sake of my mom.

She insisted every year that we dress properly, which means 'better' than usual.

So starting from the age of 13, I simply gave her all the right to choose what I wear.

This year is just the same. She went shopping and then bam, I own a new 'baju kurung peplum' as a 'baju raya'.

Last year mom got me a simple baju kurung.

The previous year she got me a Pahang's baju kurung.

You see, I didn't bother telling her what to buy because to be honest I just don't care.

Shoes? Well I could wear selipar jepun and I still won't mind. Why? Again, it's because I don't care.

But this year, my mom got me a pair of flats. Cool. Whatever.

Other things? Well I never bake cakes, biscuit or whatever so usually I am the one assigned to do the cleaning of the house, with help of course.

Other than that? Nada.


  1. I see what you did there. xD
    Same as me. Just freaking don't care about it, because I'll be facing UPSR after Raya.. I know it doesn't sounds that excited, but that's the truth. ^^

    1. good luck then hun, the pressure is high I guess but just enjoy your eid :)