Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Template Freebie: Creamy Orange Cupcake!

It has been like forever since the idea of making a cupcake themed template floated into my head. So last nite, I was like screw the tight schedule and do it already! So here we are with my cupcake template.

(right-click for better view)

Okay, the header is ugly and horrible, I sucked! :D

Anyway, use the code below to use the template:
(For the INSERT YOUR URL PART, that's the menu tab :))

p/s: it was supposed to be orange but somehow I got some kind of color blindness and mixed some creamy peach color into it :D


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    1. thanks :3 masih new lagi bab edit mengedit ni so banyak jugak kekurangannya :D