Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Mom's Gonna Kill Me!

Please excuse my English as I am way too scared and nervous to utter perfect Malay right now.
I screwed up big time this time. Seriously I am pretty scared of the consequences of my current craziness.
What on Earth I am talking about?
Well actually the other day I went to buy something with my mom and she paid for it. The thing was an important thing needed for my life.
The freaking problem is I just noticed that I bought the wrong thing!
Seriously, mom is so gonna be very pissed off and I am not sure how to control the damage that is about to come due to my carelessness!
Ya Allah, I am so scared of her reaction to this because I need to buy a new one which costs just as much as the one in my possession.
Just for your information, what makes it sucks is that the one that I have right now can't be returned!
Okay, I blame the cashier for being too handsome for this stupid mistake.


  1. Maybe u do need it better than the real one. Well perhaps u should come clean and apologize to your mom, may she'll not going crazy for what u've did after she's having your confession :) Keep calm cz Allah always knows greater what's best for you than u nor anyone else did. ;)

    1. Thanks for your advice hun..the thing is completely useless, that's why I am dreading my mom's possible anger so much :c