Thursday, July 18, 2013

9th Day of Ramadan: Preparing for the Day!

So today I had a mini pack of Jack n Jill and a glass of cold drink for suhoor (sahur).
Mom did a lil bit of cooking but my just-bitten-by-a-bee toe kinda throbbed too much causing a headache for me to concentrate on eating.

I went back to sleeping after Subuh because my head kinda throbbed too.
(I am blaming that on my throbbing toe!)

So I woke up later on the day to lots of chores.
More like piles of chores!

Firstly, I needed to do like tons of dishes because mom's out buying stuff for tomorrow.

Next, I needed to wash the cushions' covers because mom wants them totally clean for tomorrow.

After that, I needed to cook for iftar because mom was still out by the time it's nearing iftar.
(I cooked simple food only because to be honest, my food sucks :D)

Lastly, I needed to help my mom prepare stuff for tomorrow.

It all went so fast that fasting didn't feel too burdening :)

p/s: Whats with tomorrow right? Well Inshaallah I'll tell you about it tomorrow :)


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