Sunday, July 14, 2013

5th Day of Ramadan: What's with Ramadan and People Dying?

It's safe to say that I am very much unhappy today.
Well, let me rephrase that, I am freaking unhappy today.

And before you could come up with any wrong scenario in your head, I would like to clarify that no, it has nothing to do with my fasting today.

Fasting was quite bearable today. I woke up at time (not that I slept already because I went to bed only after I had my sahur) and ate a few small bars of Cadbury with a glass of mineral water.

I felt a lil bit hungrier today but like I said it was bearable.

What is so freaking unbearable is what happened when it was time for us to berbuka.

My family and I was just started eating when it happened.

We heard a freaking loud crash and my cat started meowing loudly.
A bike could be heard speeding away.

My mom and brother stopped eating to check what had happened outside.

My brother came home with a very weak Kunin in his arms.
He was freaking bleeding!
Obviously he just got hit and the one who freaking hit him had sped away like a freaking loser he is!

What the heck?
It was berbuka time and people are supposed to be eating with their family at home instead of speeding their bike killing innocent things!!!!

I am very pissed off right now because I so freaking love my cat.
And guess what? He's freaking dying out there!

I wanna bring him inside and wrap my arms around his body, but I couldn't.

It was obvious that he had broken a few bones, and definitely bleeding.
There's nothing that I could do to help, I can't even touch him because even the slightest move could hurt him like hell.

I may sound selfish but right now I am praying that he would just die.
I am selfish enough to wish for that because I couldn't bear the fact that he's hurting.
I would have done anything to help him but right now I am just useless.



  1. Ya Allah, kesiannya meow tu. :'( Sedihhhh~ Siapa la yang bodoh sangat tu. Dah langgar, pastu lari pulak. Hishh geram betul!

    1. tu la memang geram betul, Fifi expect dia at least bagitau la kat kitorang tuan punya kucing yang dia tak sengaja langgar or what... :c