Wednesday, July 24, 2013

15th Day of Ramadan: Life's Good

Lets go with simple today, I have got some serious reading to get to after this ;)

  • mom woke me up for sahur but I didn't feel like having sahur today so I decided to sleep the time off, however my cat got into a fight and I ended up waking up too to save him!
  • mom departed to Kuching at around eight to catch her flight to KL
  • the day was boring, I did some chores while Kak J, mom's assistant worked downstairs
  • however at two p.m, I finally felt hungry, which I brushed off with a huge effort
  • so at five pm my brother asked me to cook some rice for iftar, while he cooked other meals (since I can't cook at all thanks to my horrible skill of making edible food :D)
  • So at 6.50 ish we ate my brother's tomato chicken, chicken soup and some kind of mushroom with a juicy orange juice (with orange)
  • by Ishak, I got the dishes done and went to read happily with my cats :)
life's good :)

p/s: my used-to-be bestie texted me today after four months of me giving her my pohne number. I shot her a text and she didn't text me back. Maybe I am bitter or what, but I ain't gonna bother her with any text anymore unless she texted me because I have no room in my life for those who don't have a room for me in theirs :)


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