Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Dirty Red vs Black Beauty

Just found two brilliant pics on the web..they were too stunning that I feel obligated to share it here. It's my blog right? Of course I can post whatever I want here, right? lol

So here's the pics..

Dirty Red

Red is such a provocative colour. It provokes a lot in us. When we see red, millions of feelings float into our hearts. So what does it really represent? Anger? Jealousy? Bravery? Often it is known as some kind of disguised used by the evils as a shield. No, I am not insinuating that red means danger, but it's just that to me, no matter how nicely done red is, it is still something that  provokes the uneasy feeling in me which lead to me thinking the worse about it. Red is beautiful, but somehow the fierceness of the colour makes me feel wary of what's truly beneath the colour.

Black Beauty

Black is such a powerful colour. It evokes tons of feelings in us too. But for me, it evokes only one thing, bitterness in me. All my bad memories are linked to black since it simply represents darkness. However, unlike Red, Black does not really come off as intimidating. It's like no matter how good Red can disguise the evil beneath it, Black has a way of beating it because Black comes off as a calm entity. It appears as harmless but it's able to pierce us like no other can.

Okay, enough with rambling. Just devour the pics :D


  1. bgi cik akak lah tek...merah itu menyerlah...hitam itu menawan...sure dua memang cantik :)