Tuesday, May 28, 2013

When Memory Rains on Our Parades

Sometimes we find memories attached to the most insignificant things ever..
yet that's how things are..

You can look at a kid and smile..
or you can stare at a tree and cry..
It's all because of the simple yet complicated thing called memory..

But often we find it triggered by one thing: Grief.
And it is often associated with one thing called Loss.

Have you ever lost someone?
Well, for mine, I won't call it someone, but lots of someones.

It doesn't matter though because this post isn't about me, it's about us.
If you have lost someone before, you'll understand what people undergo when they do.

Five Stages. That's what they undergo.

The first stage is Denial. At this stage you convince yourself that the truth is not true.

The second stage is Anger. You become mad at the truth for stripping you of what you love.

The third stage is Bargaining. You are willing to do everything to get back what you lost.

The fourth stage is Depression. You feel like it's a huge burden for you to accept reality.

And the last stage is Acceptance. The stage where everything becomes crystal clear to you and you're left with no other option yet to move on.

Often, we find ourself locked in the first stage most of the time.
Why? Because of the memories that are tugging our hearts.

But you know what? We all should learn the beautiful art of letting go.

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