Thursday, May 16, 2013

Movie Review: The Impossible


English physician Maria Bennet (Watts), her Scottish husband Henry (McGregor) and their sons Lucas (Holland), Tomas and Simon are on Christmas holiday in Khao Lak, Thailand, in 2004. The tsunami triggered by that year's Indian Ocean earthquake floods the area with overwhelming destructive power.

Maria and Lucas are swept away from the others by the tsunami and barely survive; Maria is severely injured but they find a displaced toddler named Daniel in the wreckage. They are later found by locals who transfer them to a local hospital where Maria encourages Lucas to occupy himself assisting in any way he can, which leads to him searching for various strangers for their relatives at the facility. Due to a mix-up, the hospital staff believes she has died and takes Lucas to a tent where children without families are being held. Maria has surgery on her injured chest and is mistakenly labeled as someone else; She is eventually reunited with Lucas, but remains in a highly fragile medical state waiting to deemed fit for further surgery on her leg wound.

Elsewhere, Henry, Tomas and Simon had survived the tsunami themselves together, although the father is injured. Henry places the children into a vehicle supposed to take tourists to a safe place while he remains behind to search for Maria and Lucas. Ultimately further injured while failing to find them, he arrives at the evacuation point, only to discover that Tomas and Simon have been sent elsewhere. Communication facilities are scarce, but a tourist named Karl, who was also separated from his family by the tsunami, lends Henry his cell phone to contact his relatives and volunteers to accompany Henry to look for Maria and Lucas.

Henry and Karl search for their families in various places before they arrive at the hospital where Maria and Lucas are. The vehicle carrying Tomas and Simon stops outside the hospital; the family eventually reunites. Maria has surgery which she survives and the following day the family boards an ambulance airplane to Singapore arranged by their insurance company for further treatment for Maria.

My Thoughts 

I was terribly sick when I watched this movie. However I was too eager about the story to miss the opportunity to watch the movie. Well since the plot has been written clearly above, I'll go straight to my opinions of the movie.

I. Love. It.

Yeah, that sums up how I feel about the story.
The family was an amazing one.

Maria was an astounding mom. I adored her a lot because despite the fact that it was dangerous, she tried to save her son. And there's also one scene that I loved most where she helped another kid although she was badly injured. She could just walk away but she didn't so that really deserved my respect.

Lucas. Oh he was yummy..but that wasn't why I loved him. I loved that he was so freaking strong and that he loved his mom, like really loved his mom. He was mature despite of his young age and I really liked the fact that he took care of his mom when she needed him.
And when his mom asked him to help others and he did, well he stole my heart right away.
Well, I really loved him so much that when he lost his mom at the hospital, my heart broke for him.

Henry was a nice man. He didn't give up easily when it came to his family.

Thomas and Simon were cute.

The ending? That was brilliant!
I cried with my mom at the scene where Lucas, Henry, Simon and Thomas got reunited.
My eyes leaked a lot seeing how happy they were.

Well, to be honest, I think this movie is the best reminder of the fact that there's HOPE in everything.

P/s: This movie just became my favourite movie ever!

My favorites

I had a huge crush on Lucas :3

Oh God, I am in love with him! :D

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