Thursday, May 30, 2013

Summary: Don't Look Back : The Legend of Orpheus Episode 1

Yeay, I finally managed to convince myself to stop being a lazy girl and finished this summary. Well, you should clap for that! (You don't know how much energy it takes for me to be a lil bit less lazy considering how chronic my laziness is lol)

In my opinion the first episode is interesting, but not intriguing enough. I hope that it will get better soon. (Ugh, I sacrificed my time of reading a book to watch the first episode and write this summary (although it's a crappy one lol))

Okay, enough with all the stupid talk, lets go straight to the summary.

  • The story started with an epilogue (well excuse my choice of word, I just don't know how to really word that scene) where we met Han Yi Soo (Kim Nam Gil).
  • There was a video where young Yi Soo was asked by young Jo Hae Woo (Sohn Ye Jin) what he liked most in life and his answer was "Shark". Well the conversation ended with Yi Soo saying that he will find Hae Woo no matter what (not that I know what on Earth does that mean though)
  • When they were young, Yi Soo was the son of Hae Woo's family's chauffeur.
  • They went to the same school. Yi Soo was a great student while Hae Woo was a lil bit wild. But he managed to change her.
  • Hae Woo's grandfather was impressed by Yi Soo and thought that it would be great to sent both of them to study abroad.
  • Back to the present, Hae Woo married a guy, Oh Joon Young (Ha Suk Jin). Joon Young was her childhood friend. Note that all her friends knew about Yi Soo.
  • Yi Soo showed up but Hae Woo didn't recognize him although she was curious about him.
  • They didn't talk though.

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