Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Summary: That Winter the Wind Blows's Summaries [ Episode 14 and Episode 15]

My life has been hectic lately, so I'm so freaking sorry for not keeping my promise to update the summaries for this drama earlier..so here we go, the short recaps for episode 14 and 15. :)

Episode 14

  • Young ended the forced kiss between her and Soo and demanded him to call Lawyer Jang to pick her up but Soo demanded they stay together for the night
  • Soo asked her to let her anger out by cursing him but she refused to because she admitted that she had fun after he came into her life
  • Soo admitted that his love for Young had always been true
  • Soo decided he will keep watch over Young for the night
  • Soo finally felt asleep watching Young faking her sleep
  • Young left after covering the asleep Soo with a blanket
  • Moo Chul ate at Jinsung's family's restaurant and got punched by Jinsung. He left after paying for his meal and told the family that Jinsung's mom reminded him of his mom
  • The next day, Soo piggybacked Young down the mountain and told her that they will be spending the whole day together although she kind of protested it
  • Young called Lawyer Jang and told him she will be home by nightfall and that he needed to remind Secretary Wang to packed her bag to leave
  • Soo brought Young to places and told Young about his childhood and Young stated that she didn't get what he was tryin to say
  • Soo admitted that he has never said goodbye to anyone and Young simply said that they should have a simple goodbye then
  • Jinsung tried to convince Moo Chul's boss not to kill Soo but failed. The boss wanted to kill both Soo and Moochul
  • After arriving at the house, Young said coldly that it was time for Soo and Secretary Wang to get out of the house.
  • Young gave Soo a suitcase full of money to pay his debt but refused to say goodbye
  • Soo took the money. (WOAH!)
  • Secretary Wang admitted that she wanted nothing but Young. She is willing to give up everything because she loves her.
  • Young said that she doesn't need Secretary Wang anymore so she better leaves and this brought Secretary Wang to tears
  • Young then told Soo that she loved him but she didn't have the courage to have him by her side.
  • Soo left the suitcase of money outside of Young's room (BUMMER!)
  • Soo sold his car and gave the money to Jinsung's family so they can move to the countryside
  • Soo decided that he and Jinsung will head to the casino to gain some money but found out that they have been blacklisted thanks to Moochul's boss
  • Moochul's boss made a deal with them saying that Soo will be freed if he wins poker games for him
  • Moochul's boss plan on using Jinsung or Moochul to kill Soo
  • Soo reminded Moochul to be careful with his boss
  • A guy was holding a knife, watching Moochul's move
  • Soo and Young both cried missing each other
Episode 15

  • Moochul's boss simply managed to get Jinsung to get involved into his damn game and Soo didn;t know this
  • Lawyer Jang told Young that Soo didn't take her money and she told him that she would like to delay her surgery for a day
  • Soo called Young but she ignored him
  • Soo met Young by accident and stalked her
  • Young didn't give much respond when she realized that
  • It was revealed to us that all this time Moochul has been trying to keep Jindung and Soo alive
  • Young called Secretary Wang and she comforted her for her surgery tomorrow
  • Young got a call from Lawyer Jang that told her that he will be meeting her before the surgery a lil bit later than scheduled, but Young told Mi-ra who was babysitting her that he will be home soon, so she needed to leave. (which sort of means that she wanted to be left alone)
  • Young called the hospital to delay her surgery for some time
  • Soo arrived at the hospital at the previous set time and didn't see her there
  • Soo got a call from Young and he asked her to listen to the tape he recorded before for her but she refused to
  • Soo asked her to go have the surgery but she lied that she will (and he knew she won't)
  • She hung up before he could explain stuff to her
  • Moochul came with a car and handed Soo something before Soo went to Young to save her from..idk
  • Moochul almost stumbled and got stabbed with a knife by a guy
  • Soo found Young at her house, and found her bleeding because she cut herself in the bathroom (cool!)

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