Saturday, April 13, 2013

Summary: That Winter, The Wind Blows: Episode 16

Woah, I have been very lazy lately that I forgot about this freaking episode. anyway, here's my summary on the final episode. :)

(I am pretty lazy right now so the summary will be spoilers written in short sentences. Read at your own risk c:)

Yoong survived the cutting.
She watched the video Soo made for her, and she promised him that she would meet him after she wakes up from her surgery.

Jinsung joined Soo in the poker game against Boss Man and they won.
But Boss Man ordered a truck to hit and kill Jinsung's family.

Jinsung stabbed Soo but let him rushed to Young bleeding and all


Jinsung's happy with Heesun.

Young saw glimpses of a guy who looks like Soo at a cafe

Turned out, it really was Soo.
They kissed.

My Review
I loved this show, but somewhere between the first and the last episode I lost my love for it, thanks to the 'lame' scenes in it...

The love story was supposed to be tragic and all but I couldn't see that in this drama because all they had was a stupid decision in a stupid situation.

God, they could just let out all they were feeling inside and the problem would be solved in just a mere 30 minutes!

And the repetition..


what's with the stabbed-but-didn't-die thing and the stupid reconciliation?
That's just super lame. It's nothing I have seen before.
And the coffee scene. really? I'm shocked that they have so little creativity in creating the drama...
And the pushing-and-pulling thing just screwed with my head so bad that I felt like unscrewing my head from my neck, yeah, it's just that bad!

In a conclusion, the whole drama was a disappointment although it was a great drama, with great casts and all...


  1. I agree with you! The ending is quite strange... I'm upset and I don't understand.. how could Oh Soo be saved? I guess it's an immature ending. After watching, I open google immediately, for seeing the futher explaination about the plot, I'm so grateful that I'm not the only one who is upset with the ending.... It was great at the beginning...

    Thanks for making review, I'm feel relief :D

    1. ikr? the beginning (and the movie) was so freaking interesting that it made me feel extremely excited to see how the story will progress but once I got closer to the end, the flame just died.