Wednesday, April 3, 2013

My Crazy Way of Thinking

The weather was nice today. (Wow, that's os random right? lol) Okay, to explain the title, actually this post is one of those random thoughts of mine that popped into my mind out of the blue (well, now I'm just vomiting random words!)

^ what the heck is that? (hmm..I found it in a book blog so my guess is it's a BOOK POSTER! (now, I sound like an idiot being random -.-)

click here if you're bored of my rambling already.

(LOL that was a stupid prank, but I guess those who have been pranked wouldn't be reading this right now)

Okay, so ignoring the above post, lets go dive into the main matter here (finally!)..I just randomly thought about me and just me. (trust me, I wasn't being vain, just haughty lol)

^^ before I begin, I'd like to INFORM that, the above book has been sitting on my TBR shelf for decades now.. <end of information>

So...I have successfully became very annoying now. *claps*

Okay, here goes my random facts about the way I think.. (Really??No more stupid jokes and rants???Whoa!!!)


^^ another book cover (I'm getting stupid here but who cares, I love the pic!! go away if you don't like it -.- -the last pic-)


So here's the anticipated facts:

  •  I'm very random. I can cry or laugh randomly and sometimes fast randomly. Some call it weird, but I call it SWAG lol Idgaf what you think of me :3
  • I love reading although it sometimes bore me to death? Why? not because it'll help improve my knowledge (which is so lil :D) but because I'm just a pathetic loser who's trying to be a book nerd. (I think I love nerds, so I'm calling myself a nerd starting from now! *it's official!*)
  • I talk a lot. (lol) and laughing (virtually)
  • I hate my cat as much as I love it. (that means I feel like strangling him to death everytime he ignores my meow :3)
  • I can't become a serial killer. No, it's not because I hate blood but because I'm too lazy to hide the bodies. -.- (so I'm just a serial lazy-er)
Okay, that's all for now because I just noticed that I was being stupid typing this entry, but I am gonna publish it anyway because..I am just WEIRD!

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