Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Summary : That Winter the Wind Blows Episode 12 (Spoilers)

So being the nice girl I am, I will give you some ideas on what happened in episode 12. Lol I know you're all curious about it, so here's a few spoilers:

  • after the kiss, Young became distant with Soo (she pretended like she didn't know that he kissed her)
  • Soo kinda confronted her about it and she said that she was afraid of how she was feeling
  • Soo confronted the doctor who was responsible for faking Young's medical record (it caused Young's eyes to become worse) (the doctor worked with Secretary Wang) - enraged, he hit the doctor
  • Soo found out from Prof. Koo that Young's inoperable and he felt sad
  • He tried to make a video to reveal the truth to Young (telling her that he was a fake Soo) but he couldn't because he was too saddened with the fact that Young's ill
Okay, that's kinda messy. Will come up with a better summary soon because I have my SPM to worry about right now :D

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