Sunday, March 17, 2013

Summary: That Winter the Wind Blows Ep 11

Yeay, I'm in the mood to make a summary of this because... just because :D

  • Soo asked Young whether she wanted to live or not and Young said 'no'
  • so Soo left but came back to tell her to remind that he abandoned her (he snapped a few pics - he wanted Soo to see it one day and be reminded that he left her - and even if she is still blind one day, she is to remember that he abandoned her)
  • Soo told Young that he doesn't wanna live without Young, and seeing that he HAVE to live, he'll have to live without her if she dies
  • Everyone but Young knew bout Soo being a fake but nobody mentioned it
  • Moo Chul agreed to have his sister perform surgery on Young by cutting five days of his debt deadline (19 more left)
  • Moo Chul cut another five days for Jin Sung's safety and Soo agreed
  • Moo Chul admitted to his sister that he thinks Soo's better than him and he got why Hee Joo chose him over him
  • Young started to feel 'something' for Soo and it's not a sisterly love so she insisted on not sleeping together anymore which confused Soo
  • The Club Owner knew that it was So Ra who stole his money but blamed Soo for it anyway
  • Moo Chul's sister revealed to Soo that Young's tumour is inoperable and there was no use of trying and Soo was saddened by that
  • So Ra threatened to tell Young the truth if Soo didn't join her in going to Switzerland in threee days
  • Soo said goodbye to Jin Sung with a punch to spare him from troubles
  • Soo went home and saw Young asleep
  • He leaned down and kissed her for real! (*squeals* lol)
  • And Young's eyes opened :D

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