Sunday, March 17, 2013

Postman to Heaven

Why all of a sudden this movie???

Because this film is gonna be aired in Malaysia at tv9 tonight, 10 pm sharp. :D

So? Nah, just wanna share my giddiness with you all :)

Anyway, I have never watched this movie although it came out like four years ago in 2009. Yeah, that's a pretty long time frame but whatever.

Here's the summary (short one):
A single postbox stands alone in a wide field. It is postbox where many people who have lost their loved ones drop in letters for those in heaven. Ha Na is one of those people who comes again to mail a letter. She meets a young man called Jae Joon there. He tells Ha Na that he is the 'postman to heaven' and proposes that she help him with his work. His job is to convey letters and heal the hearts of the senders. As Ha Na spends time with him, her emotional scars are healed and the two of them seem attracted to each other. However, at that moment, Ha Na realises that Jae Joon has a big secret. Why is he working as a postman?
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Here's the detailed summary (spoiler alert!):
Jaejoong plays Shin Jaejoon/Yu. (Han Jaejoon is actually Jaejoong's birth name, given by his biological parents. then he was adopted by his current parents and they named him Kim Jaejoong). Jaejoon is a wealthy and not-so-nice person (too typical). Before the story began, he got into a car accident and is in a coma. While his in a coma, his spirit made a deal with god. god agrees to let him stay in a coma and serve as "heaven's postman". There's a special mailbox where people who need to relieve their pain and express their longing to the dead can drop off a letter. Jaejoon's job is to read the letters and help these people move on. At the mailbox, Jaejoon meets Jo Hana/Saki, who comes to drop off a letter. Also, only people who are in pain because they cannot let go of the dead can see Jaejoon.

Jo Hana, played by Han Hyojoo, is a bright and cheerful with no job. She fell in love with a married man, but that man died. She's very angry at the man because he did not tell her that he is married already, so she wrote hateful letters and put them in the mailbox. 
Jaejoon is attracted by Hana and invites her to become a Heaven's Postman with him. At first, she does not believe him and thinks that Jaejoon is a ghost. But after confirming with a coffee shop lady who can also see Jaejoon, she believes him and eventually joined his work. They do many good things that helped relieve other's pain. And because of the time with Jaejoon, Hana can slowly let go of her dead lover. Jaejoon and Hana fall in love. But as Hana starts forget her dead lover, she realizes that sometimes she can't see Jaejoon anymore. Jaejoon finally tells her the truth that if she forgets her dead lover she will no longer be able to see him. 

On their final mission together, their target is a father who believes that his son hates even till the day his son died. Hana decides to record a fake testament which says that the son has forgiven his father. But Jaejoon, knowing his time is short, reveals the truth. He no longer wants to use lie to comfort other people. The father is angry, and Hana and Jaejoon argue. A few days later, Jaejoon leaves the earth and goes back to face god. Before he left, he leaves a letter to Hana expressing his gratitude and love. 

Back into god's office, Jaejoon tells god that he's position is revealed therefore according to their agreement he should die now. But surprisingly, god tells Jaejoon that he can live again because he was able to help people and love. Jaejoon asks god what will happen to his memory as a heaven's postman and what will happen to Hana. god answers that to Jaejoon this will all be a dream and to Hana it's all real. Jaejoon returns to earth and meets Hana again at a post office...

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