Sunday, March 17, 2013

MR. SPM, Please Don't Make Me Cry

So my SPM result will be out this Thursday, the 21st of March. (It's my skinny big brother's birthday date :) - miss him!).

So how am I feeling right now? I am not sure. I wanna say that I am anxious but actually I don't think that I'm that anxious actually. I think it's safe to say that it will be just another chapter of my life, whether it's good or bad, I'll have to face it bravely. There's no escaping it so in the end it sounds ridiculous to be scared of something when it's unavoidable.

My expectation?
Before I start talking bout my expectation, I'd first to clarify that my expectation is NOT the same as what I wish to get. So there's gonna be two separate possibilities for what I hope and what I expect. I don't expect to get straight A's because although I am not stupid, I am not smart. I am full of flaws so straight A's is out of the equation. My expectation is I'll pass. That's all I can say.

My hope?
I hope that I'll get all A's at least 6 A's.  Why? Because I wanna apply for a position in maktab perguruan. But in case Allah is willing to grant me with all A's (insyaallah!), I'll just go study more to be a doctor. :) But honestly, I want 7 A's. Because my sis promised me that she will give me rm250 to fix my glasses if and only if I manage to get 7A's. So doakan saya all :)

Where to go after SPM?
if my result sucks (May Allah jauhkan!!!), I'll just try to enter form 6. That sounds like the safest choice. If my result is good enough, I'll just go enroll in any university in Selangor I guess. That's after I consider the option of entering a maktab perguruan :)

For those yang tunggu result SPM tu, Good luck to all. :) Doakan yang the best for you all :)

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