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Undeniable (Undeniable #1) by Madeline Sheehan

Cool cover right?

Here's some info from Goodreads:

Undeniable (Undeniable #1)

Warning: This is not a typical love story. This is an all-consuming, soul-crushing, tear-your-heart-into-pieces story. It’s intense, gritty and raw, dark and disturbing, and it doesn’t happen overnight. This is an epic love story that knows no boundaries and has no time limits. It grows and develops—with hurt, sacrifice, and heartache—over the span of a lifetime.

Eva Fox is the princess of the Silver Demons Motorcycle Club. Growing up with bikers in the club lifestyle is all that she knows. When she’s a young girl, Eva meets the reason for her existence. Deuce West is the sexy, biker bad-ass of the Hell’s Horsemen Motorcycle Club. Like Eva, he was born and raised in the club—but that’s where the similarities end. Their first meeting is innocent, but as Eva matures into a woman, their chance reunions evolve into a fit of lust and love. Fate continues to bring them together time and time again, but their twisted journey is filled with pain, betrayal, and bloodshed that could tear them apart. Eva sees in Deuce what he cannot see in himself—a man worthy of love—and Eva spends her lifetime proving to him that her undeniable love is the one thing he can’t live without.

This is Eva and Deuce’s story.

It wasn’t easy.
Nothing worth doing ever is.
And love is worth everything.(less)
ebookAlternate Cover Edition219 pages
Published (first published October 6th 2012)


My thoughts:

This is one of the book that left me wondering “WTF MADE ME READ THAT FUCKING BOOK?!”. Saying that I regret reading this book is an understatement, I FUCKING REGRET it. (Sorry for lots of cursing here, THIS BOOK MADE ME DO SO since they cursed a lot in the book!). To be honest, I liked the first quarter of this book, but then hatred fill every inch of me. This book is so fucked up that I believe it managed to make me feel insanely mad for a couple of hours before I decided to just stop reading it completely. The book sucked, the most horrible book that I have ever read. Lets list the things that I hate about it while we’re at it okay? I am not going to care bout filtering the spoilers because I hate this book so much to spare the effort:

- Deuce and Eva did not love each other, all they had was LUST, LUST and LUST!
- Eva gave her virginity to a freaking old man(who’s also married!) ! (Deuce)
- They repeatedly tell (and think) that they love each other but they freaking show the opposite
- Eva is a freaking whore (although she did not fuck much). She cheated on her husband (INFEDILITY is a horrible thing!)
- Frankie (Eva’s adopted brother + husband) is just as ducked up as her. Overprotective, scary and violent. (HE RAPED HER!)
- Eva finally got pregnant (well at least in the last page I read, she was pregnant) and guess who was the fucking father? None other than her best friend’s husband… (Yeah, she cheated on her husband, with her friend’s husband (which  she hated), just to save her fucked up husband (which she hated too) – LIKE I SAID, SHE’S A SICK BITCH
- And Deuce… he’s not a nice character. He had a wife yet she screwed like tons of women (which was normal in their circle). He had a thing for Eva (although they both called it love, I call I BS!)
- I don’t know how does the book end (except for the fact that Frankie died) and I think I DON’T WANT TO KNOW too…
- Last but not least, the writing. I did not know a book could contain as many the word ‘fuck’ as this book did. Really, it’s impossible not to find the word ‘fucking’ in every page.
As an overall, reading this book has been such a waste of my time, energy and money and I feel like crying now that I’ve wasted my precious time on something as shitty as this. (WOAH, I am sorry if I’m offending any of you but I really can’t stop feeling disappointed over this book :c ). I would never ever recommend this book to ANYONE. HOWEVER, this book is perfect for you if you’re a fan of:

- fast paced story
- story bout bikers
- badass guys and girls
- guns and weed
- curse words
- old man-young girl affair

I apologize to the author for such a harsh review (which it probably does not deserve) although I am more than positive that this won’t affect anybody’s opinion on this book lol Maybe, just maybe, this kind of book is not for people like me :D

My Rating:
0.5 (Because the first half were bearable but the other half almost killed my brain cells)

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