Saturday, January 5, 2013

Epic Fail by Claire LaZebnik


What a cute cover right? Suits the story itself, well half of the story actually. Or maybe just a bit of it.


At Coral Tree Prep in Los Angeles, who your parents are can make or break you. Cast in point:

- As the son of Hollywood royalty, Derek Edwards is pretty much prince of the school--not that he deigns to acknowledge many of his loyal subjects.
- As the daughter of the new principal, Elise Benton isn't exactly on everyone's must-sit-next-to-at-lunch list.

When Elise's beautiful sister catches the eye of the prince's best friend, Elise gets to spend a lot of time with Derek, making her the envy of every girl on campus. Except she refuses to fall for any of his rare smiles and instead warms up to his enemy, the surprisingly charming social outcast Webster Grant. But in this hilarious tale of fitting in and flirting, not all snubs are undeserved, not all celebrity brats are bratty, and pride and prejudice can get in the way of true love for only so long.

My Thoughts:

I like this book, but it bored me a lot. A lot, I repeat. The whole plot isn’t that original, what with the celebrity parents, rich kids, and lame parties. I did not enjoy this book, and I lost interest when nearing the final chapters. The story? It’s about a girl falling for a jerk (who as cheesy as always have something more behind his rude fa├žade, sounds familiar?) and her family. I’d say that I hate this book, but considering that I managed to finish it, maybe I did not hate it. And the lines are really cheesy. Here’s one example of the cheesiness:
“I’m so sorry. I was wrong about everything. You should hate me. Why don’t you hate me?” - Elise
 I’d recommend it to you if you like simple teen love stories, if not, stay the hell away from this book.

My Rating:

3 cupcakes


  1. wow...english artical...good job

    1. lol thank you :D I have a knack of using English in communicating merely because my Malay sucks :D