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“As quick as a flash, he puts me up against the side of the building. My back hits the wall hard, enough to make my ears ring. His body pushes into mine, trapping me between his hands and the bricks. His breathing is uneven, his light breath stirring my hair. I wait for the eventual kiss, the moment where his lips meet mine hard and rough but he doesn’t do anything. A lump is in my throat. “Either kiss me or let me go,” I choke out. The same old tug of war is still raging and there’s nothing but a storm between us."

Ever since her mother’s death, Avena’s heart has become steel—tough, hardened…unbreakable. She refuses to let anything faze her; least of all, the school’s most notorious player, Adrian Huntington, with his jade eyes and aloof, sardonic charm that has all the girls swooning in his wake. When she becomes his next target, everything goes up in flames as they find themselves getting caught up in the game they created.

Hmm… I love this book, so raspberrying much lol. This book is such a sweet (although a lil bit complicated) read. The story is about how both main characters fall in love with each other. The story may not be too original but I love the way the writer delivers it. There are lots of funny moments too 

-the main characters fall in love with each other
-they date
-the boy ends up going away to find the ‘real’ him
-the breaks up
-after a few years, he comes back
-they bicker a lil bit but end up together

My Rating:
4 Cupcake :)

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