Monday, January 7, 2013

Beautifully Damaged by L.A. Fiore

Beautifully Damaged


Ember Walsh was always the quiet one, enjoying a book and a glass of wine over the noise and crowds of a club, but when her best friend asks her to come out and meet the boy she likes Ember's world is turned upside down. He appears like a mythical avenging angel, inked, gorgeous and completely out of her league but one look and Ember no longer wants the quiet, she wants him.

Trace Montgomery has buried his damaged past with women and fighting until one day he meets an angel and suddenly he wants more, he wants her. For her, he's determined to overcome his demons but will the dark secret that links their pasts bring them closer or will it tear them apart

I read this book because I expected it to be like Beautiful Disaster (crazy over it lol) And it was, just not as good as BD. It got a fighter, a not so weak girl and a little bit of suspense, and the similarities ended there. This book was fun to read for the first half but then it got boring because the author decided to add some annoying secrets to both Ember and Trace’s life. [SPOILER STARTS] His dad sexually abused Trace during his childhood, and his mom was an idiot who did nothing about it. Trace’s parents were murdered when he was young, his sister was retarded (mental breakdown. Ember’s mom was killed in a hit and run accident, and the killer was Trace’s father. [SPOILER ENDS] I hate where the story went after the first half. I was born hating secrets, so I guess that was why this book annoyed me so much. I tried loving the characters, but failed. Ember is just a plain normal girl. She tried to make their relationship work although Trace was a freaking jerk. And Trace was annoying as f*ck! He kept pushing Ember away and expected her to forgive him every time he apologized. Can you see where I am coming from? No? okay, easy to say, he hurt her, she ran away, he apologized, she came back (repeat as many time as you want). So as a conclusion, I hate this book because it annoyed me a lot.

My Rating:
2 Pathetic Cupcakes

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