Saturday, November 17, 2012

What is A Cake Pop?

Seriously, you don't know??? Whatever lol I just discovered this cute lil thing recently~
It's 2am here and I'm trying to upload my stuff to skydrive so I have plenty of time to kill therefore I'm gonna go with explaining what on earth a Cake Pop is to you.

These are Cake Pops

seems delicious right? 

First of all, the definition:

A Cake Pop is a small ball of cake covered in either chocolate or other candy coating and then placed onto a stick.

Cake Pops can be made in other shapes too and not just limited to being round



alice in wonderland~







pink rilakkuma~

They can vary in color

people often use them as wedding gifts

(this one may look like a Cake Pop but IT'S NOT because it is made of marshmallow)

below are other examples of Cake Pops which are so freaking cute lol

mickey and minny mouse~ (wait, IDK how to spell Micky's pair's name lol)

volleyball pop~

colorful pop

pink princess~

okay that's all for now~

p/s: I have never made or ate them lol

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