Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Nice Guy Summary Ep7

So I have been so freaking busy with stuff lately (not so busy but who cares right? lol) and I pretty much have abandoned my summaries, so here it is~

Ep 7

  • Maru meets Jaegil, Jaehee's brother
  • Eunki sees the picture of Maru and Jaehee which is sent by Minyoung (not Jaehee)
  • Eunki pretends like nothing is wrong in front of Maru
  • Joonha tells Eunki that Maru approaches her for ulterior motives
  • Jaesik confronts Maru and suspects that the murder case long time ago was Jaehee's fault but Maru denies it
  • Maru warns Jaesik not to hurt Jaehee
  • Joonha asks Chairman Seo to takes Eunki back before she goes crazy
  • Jaehee thinks that Jaesik's appearance is Maru's deed
  • Maru and Eunki has a drink and Eunki asks for a breakup, using her high social class as an excuse, Maru's shocked
  • She says that she expects him to be enraged but Maru is as cold as a cucumber and she stumbles home alone in tears
  • Maru is then attacked by men after Jaehee picked up Eunki
  • Turns out it's Jaehee's deed because she thinks Maru is responsible for her brother's appearance
  • Jaehee calls Maru and warns the bloody Maru that he should stay away from her daughter (Eunki) in her pretense as her mom, Maru is mad but he does not answer her
  • Chairman Seo finds ou about jaehee cheating on him so he seeks Joonha's help to help Eunki and stuff, and makes Joonha promise not to tell anyone about him knowing  that
  • But Minyoung finds out anyway
  • Eunki confronts Jaehee about sending thugs to beat Maru and confesses that she's glad that Maru did not give in
  • Jaehee feels guilty when JAesik tells him about Maru defending her
  • Eunki goes to Maru's house and is shocked to find Maru's condition (all hurt and stuff)
  • Eunki confesses that Maru is her first love and she wants to be with him forever
  • Maru hugs her without replying, while eyeeing Jaehee who is standing behind her

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