Friday, November 16, 2012

Review: Nice Guy

So Nice Guy has ended, meaning it's over. I'm terrible at reviewing but who cares since I'm pretty much bored right now~

As an overall this drama is quite cool. I love the revenge part but I hate the amnesia part. And the company/business part is off my radar. The ending is quite predictable but the way the writer delivered the story is quite cool with few flashbacks and stuff.

My favorite stuff are:

1. Eunki is so freaking awesome at being mean and honest
2. Maru is so freaking nice when he is nice and can be so cold when he wants to
3. Choco is such a cute girl
4. Jaehee is so damn good at taking advantage of people
5. Jaeshik is a good-hearted evil man
6. Chairman Seo is so strict
7. Joonha is such a nice friend who's willing to do lots of things for Eunki
8. Jaegil is such a very nice friend of Maru, and sweet at times
9. Eunuk is cute
10. Maru's prof is hot lol

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