Friday, November 16, 2012

Summary: Nice Guy (Innocent Man) Episode 20 [Final]

So the ending is here. Excited? Not me because I've been so freaking busy with my life that my passion for this drama faded. Whatever.

  • Maru asks Eunki to run away with him but she refuses to
  • Maru asks Jaehee to turn herself in and says that he will wait for her if she turn herself in
  • Jaehee refuses to because she knows Maru won't love her like he used to
  • Maru got hospital-ed because he needs a surgery
  • Choco refuses to meet him because she hopes that by doing that Maru will survive the surgery and meet her
  • Jaehee cries when she finds out that Maru is sick and informs Eunki about this
  • Eunki goes to visit Maru
  • they meet outside of the hospital while Minyoung eyes Eunki to stab her
  • Maru stops him and gets stabbed instead, but Eunki does not notice it
  • they kiss on a bench and after Eunki left, Maru collapses
  • seven years later
  • Jaeshik opens  a fried chicken shop
  • Jaegil and Choco have a lil girl
  • both Jaehee and Minyoung is out of the jail (they turned themselves in)
  • Eunki meets Maru
  • turns out Maru has lost his memories due to his surgery
  • in the end, Maru remembers her 

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