Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Nice Guy Episode 8 Summary

  • Eunki tells Maru that she is wiilling to lose everything for Maru
  • Maru gives her Choco's clothes to change because she is soaked in rain
  • Eunki finds a picture of a place and tells Maru that she wants to go there with him. The picture was a place where Jaehee and Maru planned to go years ago, but Eunki doesn't know that
  • Jaehee hurts herself and pretends like her brother is hurting her and calls Maru to help her
  • Maru cancels his trip with Eunki and meets her. But Maru gets a call from Jaesik saying that he is in Busan so he knows that Jaehee is lying.
  • He helps her with her wounds anyway
  • Eunki overhears about Jaehee begging Maru to take her back and leaves before hearing Maru says that his love for Jaehee is over
  • Jaehee plans on using her secret envelope from years ago to threaten Chairman Seo from crossing out her name form his will
  • Eunki and Maru goes to the vacation spot they planned earlier and Maru admits that it is his first time there
  • Maru says that he did plan to go there with someone before but they didn't and when Eunki asks who is the person that he loved before, he admits that it's Han Jaehee

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