Friday, November 16, 2012

Summary: Nice Guy Episode 19

  • maru asks jaehee to turn herself in promising that he will wait for her if she do that
  • he admits that it is his fault that jaehee has turned into an evil woman (him being overprotective)
  • Jaeshik cancels his plan to kill Maru because everyone is so nice to him
  • Joonha gets into a coma, car accident caused by Minyoung because he gives the evidence of Chairman Seo's death to Maru
  • Jaehee is ready to give up on everything
  • Eunki is mad at MAru because he tries to protect jaehee
  • Maru asks Minyoung to turn himself in but he refuses to
  • Minyoung tells Jaehee that he will take the responsibility for everything
  • Jaehee bursts out that everything is her fault and she hates the fact that everyone is trying to take the blame for her
  • Jaehee tells Maru that she wants Maru's love in exchange for Eunki's money
  • Maru meets Eunki and asks her to run away with him

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