Thursday, November 15, 2012

Nice Guy Episode 18 Summary

  • Maru confesses that he knows that Eunki's memories are back and Eunki questions when did he realize it
  • Maru admits that he knows that the rumours regarding him and Jaehee was spread by her
  • he asks her why she has to hurt herself too instead of just hurting him and jaehee
  • Eunki says that it's her revenge, because she believes that her dad died alone because of Maru keeping her from him
  • Eunki then follows Joonha to a hotel suit
  • Eunki admits that she hates the fact that she still loves Maru
  • Jaegil and Choco is worried about Maru because he pretends to be okay
  • Maru then admits to Jaehee that he was the one spreading the scandal rumours
  • Jaehee knows that Maru loves Eunki even though he denies it
  • Ahn Minyoung force-kisses Jaehee when Jaehee says that she wanna give up her position, saying that she will die if she do that
  • Maru sends a drunk Jaehee home and Eunki sees this
  • They exchange words about how each other are doing and the conversation ends just like that, no yelling or stuff
  • Jaegil tries to stop Maru from going to the office because he needs treatment but Maru ignores him
  • Eunki asks Joonha about her father's death but Joonha refuses to tell more because of Minyoung threat

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